Billy Surprise

My friend Don Share Facebook-posted a link to a poem called Heart Attack Breath, which Matthew Lee Knowles constructed from the Stephen King novel Thinner.  I’d never even heard of Thinner; although about 20 years ago, I accidentally read The Shining all the way through in one sitting because it so thoroughly scared the living crap out of me that I couldn’t stop.

Never again with the Stephen King.

I liked this Matthew Lee Knowles game, and Couldn’t Not steal his rules and his poem to make another poem by taking the first and last words of every page of Matthew Lee Knowles’s Heart Attack Breath.  I picked the phrase “Billy surprise” from the body of the poem for the title, showing my hand.

Billy Surprise
Thinner trouble
Billy not
Only there
They could
See pie

Some people see God- I see pie.  I imagine Mr. Knowles won’t mind, if he ever gets wind, and Mr. King can bite me.