Transatlantic Tracking “Transformed” with Jimi Inc.

Traveling transatlantically, arriving at unexpected times, guitar tracks recorded in South London come looking for a proper home- longing to be heard- but your logic board has failed and you are reduced to duct tape and Dixie cups.  What if someone calls during the performance, while you’re running the Jimi Inc. guitar track on your phone?  Is there internet access in the hall so that you can play the tracks live from e-mail?  Comstraints lead to Plan Q (the standby CD-player-to-volume-pedal-to-amplifier), and Plan R (the same set-up with the phone as player).  This Of Course entails re-recording the recordings to the phone, accidentally adding some texture and space by playing them through an old amplifier in the bathroom isolation booth.

Despite- because of- all this convolution, the recordings are air and ground at the same time.  Upon release, they cross paths and converge with the live sounds, becoming also animate, creating waves of offspring combinations, and adding a whole new dimension to rehearsing by one’s self.

Until tomorrow’s live debut, a phone voice memo recording completes this loop of technological whatchamacallit: Transformed 9-14-12




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