At Your Door, Sewanee

With Garry Collins on drums and Kevin Willis on bass, I’ll be performing the songs from my album Transformed on the McCrory stage this Saturday evening in Sewanee.  I’ve imagined being on the stage of McCrory for years- since my first time there as an audience member- so I’m honored, excited and READY!

This will be my first outing with a band in Sewanee, and I’ve enjoyed hearing things jell as we rehearse and find our way with each other.  It’s interesting how different players insert their own insight and experiences, adding personal histories and musical influences that expand or re-focus songs; and this along with my own process of learning and re-learning songs that I thought I knew like old friends has created new context and discoveries.  (Until a few weeks ago, I didn’t even know there WAS such a thing as a *9/6 time signature, or an F6th 9th chord.)

Friend and collaborator Jimi Inc. will join us on a few songs via recordings he made in London and e-mailed to me.  The constraints of technical difficulties (including my dead computer) have created a hypothetical process of my playing his recorded guitar loops on my iphone through an amplifier, which I imagine sounds very different from what his guitar  originally sounded like as he recorded it on his ipad in his South London flat.  I like the different points in time that will converge on the stage Saturday, the unknown outcome of this iteration of The Experiment- and of the future.

CD copies of Transformed will be for sale in the lobby at the show.  CDs are locally available in Sewanee at Mooney’s (on the way to Monteagle from Sewanee) and on the Tiger Pantry side of the University Bookstore.  CDs and downloads are also available here:

* It has come to my attention that there is no such thing as “9/6″, which makes sense, because reduced to the lowest common denominator (LCD), 9/6 would be “3”.  So, “3” it is- but, what I really meant was 9/8.  There, now- doesn’t that make you feel better?

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