Memphis in August, 2012: What I Learned, Installment the Second

You advertise “door prizes and surprises” on the flyers for your Memphis album release event, thinking you could unload some flotsam and/or jetsam from your Back In the Day hoardings.  You forget all of this in the home-leaving flurry, remembering only upon finding yourself in Memphis surprisingly door prize-free.

During the ritualistic visit to Burke’s Books, you decide to buy some books from the cheap shelves and use THOSE for door prizes.  You’ve given away countless cds- you’re sick, actually, of giving away cds- so giving away books and talking about the hard times and dark nights of the soul the books and their authors saw you through, or about the songs they inspired, makes sense.

As much sense as the expansion of this aleatoric acquisition episode to include Burke’s owner and author Corey Mesler donating a signed copy of one of his own books, and although you are not asked to choose, you request Following Richard Brautigan.  You’d somehow missed reading Richard Brautigan’s Trout Fishing In America until preparing to read this book of Cory’s; and if not for Corey and his Searching, you might have never felt the home-coming of reading Brautigan’s Trout Fishing.

What really happened at the show: You were in sort of a trance for the entire evening, amazed to be playing such beautiful music with lovely old friends for the generous audience in this haunted former brothel across from the train station.  People were reduced to snatching their own damn books, which worked out pretty well.  You took the Woody Allen one for yourself, since you’re in charge of this un-randomized random experiment.  Corey’s book, having been set aside still sealed in its bag for someone really special, went to saxophonist über alles Jim Spake at the end of the night.

I love it when everything goes according to plan.




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