Transformed Album Release in Memphis

More than a few have asked, “What took you so long?”
Brushed by the hem of Death’s garment“, you reply.

The Linda Heck Experiment will perform Linda’s recently released album Transformed. Members of this iteration of the Linda Heck Experiment include (but are not limited to) Jimi Inc., John McClure, Kurt Ruleman, and Jim Spake.

Linda Heck and the Trainwreck reunites w/Jimi Inc. on drums, guitar and vocals; John McClure on bass; and Kurt Ruleman on drums.

Experimental electronic duo EXCON is an ongoing digital recording project enabling Linda Heck and Jimi Inc. to work together from different continents, swapping/altering/capturing/creating sounds in an emergent shifting game of chess-meets-Exquisite Corpse. EXCON transcends the boundaries of space and time for this debut improvisational performance. 
Ernestine & Hazel’s is right across from the train station in downtown Memphis.


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