Infection From Porlock

Of all the AC joints in all the bodies in all the world, Staph walks into mine.

Hey, what the HELL?  I was USING that shoulder and that hand and those fingers, ATTACHED to them, even…
But they don’t need me, they have lives of their own to live, fish to fry and birds to fly and kids to raise and bills to pay.
Ask until you get tired of the answer: “We just don’t know.”
Rinse and repeat, wrapping your self in plastic first – wound and periphery must remain dry.
Set your alarms so you don’t forget to inject yourself with antibiotics every six hours; ingest opioids every four, more if you just can’t fucking stand it another minute.

Additional anodynes may apply.

“What’s that you’re playing?”
Samuel Coleridge and Tony Visconti walk into a bar.  I hear “Heroes”, but it’s just me.

Forget everything you ever thought you knew… this takes seconds or a lifetime- the choice is yours.

Might as well live.

The fundamental things apply, as time goes by.

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