“Dream Lodge”

Yesterday on the drive from Memphis, TN, to Austin, TX, I started working on some songs for the experimental album Jimi Inc. and I are trans-atlantically recording.  I also decided on Experimental Connections as a working title (I hope Jimi doesn’t mind).

The main idea informing this emergent process is experimenting with Memphis-London/London-Memphis connections.  There are no rules.  I knew I had some free head space coming up on this journey to SXSW, and planned to work on some responses while driving.  Jimi recorded  “fragments” in London using his ipad and his phone, and e-mailed me the resulting  mp3s.  I transferred those to a cd, started listening in the car somewhere in Arkansas.  Words, melodies and ideas began to surface.  Nailing them down is a bit of a challenge, but it turns out that re-starting the cd over and over and singing along is good for staying awake behind the wheel.  One can also jot down lyrics in truck-stop bathrooms… endless possibilities.

I saw the phrase “Dream Lodge” somewhere in Texas, and came up with this sonic sketch.  I parked behind a KFC in Waco and used my Tascam digital recorder to capture myself myself singing/chanting over Jimi’s track playing through my car’s system.  I imported 3 copies of the resulting field recording into Garageband, staggering and processing them a little.

Dream Lodge

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