Hail! Hail! Rock n’ Roll…

Transitions between seasons here in the south can be violent and destructive as the cold air clashes with the warm.  On 10/18, my daughter and I got caught in a swift and sudden hailstorm in Tullahoma, TN.  The sound of golfball-to-fist-sized hail was impressive and terrifying.  We were glad when it was over, and the the sun shone on glistening drifts of ice-balls melting along the curb.

On the drive back home to Sewanee, I noticed that my windshield had been cracked.  I had insurance, but couldn’t afford the deductible to replace the windshield, which couldn’t be repaired.  I was in despair- until the glass repairman pointed out that my car had sustained a lot of other hail damage to the roof and the hood and every other exterior surface.  With his help, I started fantasizing that maybe there was enough additional damage that I could make a larger claim, but not do all of the cosmetic repairs- that way, I could replace the windshield w/out having to pay the deductible out of pocket.  When the adjustor came and warned me that he might have to declare my beloved Matrix a total, my fantasies grew: If only the damage would just approach w/out exceeding 3/4 of the value of the car, maybe I could even get a new set of tires!  And then I started looking up the value of the car, and the hypotheticals continued expanding, surpassing even the fantasies and eventually catching up to the reality of A Sizable Chunk Of Unexpected Money (ASCOUM)!

ASCOUM had me thinking of my unfinished album Transformed, stalled again due to lack of funds.  The check from the insurance company is enough to cover a new windshield AND a new set of tires, as well as the cover art, mastering, and manufacturing of Transformed.  Wow.

And, HAIL YES!!!

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