Almost Transformed


I’d always imagined that I’d put together the cover art for the-album- that-became-Transformed myself, but the unexpected hail damage insurance money (ASCOUM*) helped me Let Go and Let Someone Else.  I already had some fancy photos taken by my friend and neighbor Stephen Alvarez not too long ago during a session that felt like a therapeutic make-over.

I took a copy of Lou Reed’s Transformer and a copy of Television’s Marquis Moon to another friend, local Sewanee graphic designer Aaron Welch, who’d never designed a cd cover.  After a few days of a delightful back and forth, I love what he came up with.

Transformed looks as great as it sounds, and now I’m waiting for the UPS truck to pull into my driveway.

(*ASCOUM- A Sizable Chunk Of Unexpected Money.)


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